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Robyn’s Eco Products

The benefits of Robyn’s Eco Products

The products are created to not only clean, deodorize and detoxify the essential oils and infused plants transform a room and lift the spirit. Your family will benefit from antiviral, antibacterial immunity boosting cleaning that smells amazing.


This beautifully scented grass was used by Noongar people to treat sore throats and eyes, rashes and earaches. I love to use lemongrass in my products to create a zesty aroma.


Kitchen spice has natural pieces of ginger root infused in it that is how safe and natural we like to keep it. Ginger has anti-microbial properties and has a soothing effect.


Lemon is a wonderful fruit that has a purifying and cleansing effect.

Lemon is naturally antimicrobial and is a powerful cleaning tool that is food safe. Lemon also gets rid of mold and bacteria. The zing of lemons is refreshing, especially in the kitchen where it helps promote a clean fresh and uplifthing mood.


Orange is a powerful cleaner, used in my cleaning products it not only fights off bacteria but helps as a mood enhancer. It is a fabulous food safe cleaner.


It is recommended by health professionals not to use cloves when pregnant.

Cloves have a natural antibacterial property that is a winner at killing mold and mildew and keeps it away. Cloves is a natural cold expectorant making it a healing cleaner. Fabulous for killing bad odors in the home Bathroom Spice makes a perfect air freshener.


Cinnamon bark oil is used in Bathroom Spice for its potent ability to kill mold. The warm aroma adds to Cloves to create a spice that is a pleasure to clean with.

Eucalyptus peppermint

Eucalyptus has antibacterial, antifungul anti- inflammatory properties

Traditionally the leaves of the eucalypt were used for its healing properties. They would crush them and place them under the nose to help with colds and flu. They used them in steam pits to cleanse the sick person and the gum from the tree was used on sores to heal. Added to Kitchen Zest to make it a powerful cleaner and sanitizer.